“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.” ~Eudora Welty


Wingfest |  July 3, 2016

NICHOLAS MICHAEL CATONER my Inaanak (Godson) aka Nick aka Nicky aka Little Nicky.

It blows my mind that your turning one in less then a couple weeks now.I remember the first day i held you. Being a little fragile being just short of the length of my forearm. One of God’s greatest blessings to this world. Over the past year Ive seen you Giggle and Laugh and develop all your little senses. Like tasting Lemons.. HAHAHA Along with seeing your barf all over everybody. lol. And we cant forget about the many Baby blowouts. (You dont wanna know what a “blowout” is.) Even pull yourself up using your legs. And eat solid food for the first time. And just the other day (7/1/16) I got to witness you walk. I cant wait to see you grow up even more Nicks. Your the second coolest kid I know. First is your bro bro of course. Haha. I love you kiddo! and I am grateful to be your Ninong (Godfather)!


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