END CAP of 2017



Everyone’s very cliche’ slogan going into the new years. there are those who always say chonge can happen at anytime of the year. you just have to do it. As for me, the end of the year brings more of a reflection of how I spent my year. And whats to come in the on coming year of 2017.

This year Ive learned that family is over everything. Ive learned what its like to be a Godfather, and how to babysit a 1 year old.  haha


This past year given my hectic wild work schedule of 65+ hours a week. I spent most of my year in Reno, working, most of all grinding. Trying to spend my little free time as productive as possible. This past year I found my passion for photography again. And my love for family time. There were too many times ive gotten so caught up in nights driking at bars with people I could find myself giving a two shits about. There were also many times Ive had to turn back vacations because Ive been caught up and too concerned with getting stuck grinding, and most of all getting stuck doing shit for others. I cant help the fact that me helping others be happy, makes me happy. Thats gonna change.

This upcoming year is a year I’m not gonna waste my time being stuck working all the time using my Time off to call in and recover.I want to travel, alone or with friends, Im gonna sight see this year.Im gonna experience out of the norm shit. Im gonna be a better me, then I was in 2016.Believe dat!






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